June 2021: Interview with National University of Singapore History Society on legal history course

January 2021: Interview by Hardeep Dhillon on Chapati Mystery- XQs XXVI


May 2021: Interview on Talking Legal History Podcast

November 16 2020: Interview on New Books in the Indian Ocean World Podcast

June 2020: History of Malays in Singapore on the ‘More Better Podcast’

September 2019: Islamic Law and Arab Diaspora in Southeast Asia on Ottoman History Podcast


Recently, I blogged at ShariaSource (blog on Islamic law at Harvard Law School) on the following topics. Watch out for more posts in July 2021!

  1. Ṭalāq in the Colonies – Constraints on Colonial Judiciary
  2. What does Equality Mean in the Colonies? – On layers of injustice amidst a divorce case in colonial Sumatra
  3. Family Law as Colonial Specter of Shelter – On how family law allowed Southeast Asian colonial subjects to retain political power under rubric of inheritance
  4. Portals to the Future: Translations of Powers of Attorney

I co-wrote a blog post on politician Ya’acob Mohamed over at Intellectuals.Sg in July 2021.

I blogged over at Legal History Blog for the month of September 2020 on the following topics.

  1. Writing process and book cover
  2. South Asian diaspora in Netherlands Indies
  3. On puns in legal history
  4. Second book project on history of land reclamation
  5. On property and legal shorthand

I blogged on Surplus and Colonial Charity at HistPhil too.