Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 schedule

September 15 2020:  Islamic Law Book Talk Series, Harvard Law School, 12-1pm EDT (recording)

September 24 2020: Panel on Colonial Legal Regimes in Southeast Asia, History Department, Nanyang Technological University, 4:30-6pm

October 5 2020: Lecture at Comparative Law Workshop, Harvard Law School, 6-8 pm EDT

October 6 2020: Book talk at Yale-NUS College, Elm College, 12pm SGT

October 7 2020: Panel at Middle East Studies Association Conference, 11am-1pm EST

October 12 2020: Book talk at Hong Kong University, 6-7:30pm HKT

October 15 2020: Panel at American Society of Comparative Law Conference, 6:10-7.40pm EST (recording)

October 22 2020: Book discussion at Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, 10-11:30am SGT

November 13 2020: Book talk at University of Michigan, 12-1:30pm EST

November 18 2020: Columbia Legal History Workshop, 6:30-7:30pm EST

January 28 2021: Book talk at University of Victoria (British Columbia), Center of Asia-Pacific Initiatives, 4pm PDT

February 23 2021: “Law & Society in History. Mobilities, Scales, Methods” Cambridge and Harvard Joint Centre for History and Economics together with the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, 9am EST

Blog posts on Legal History Blog as guest-blogger in September 2020

Surplus and Colonial Charity at HistPhil Blog, September 23 2020

Podcast Interviews

November 16 2020: Interview with New Books in the Indian Ocean World Podcast

June 2020: History of Malays in Singapore on the ‘More Better Podcast’

September 2019: Islamic Law and Arab Diaspora in Southeast Asia on Ottoman History Podcast