Month of September 2020: Guest-blogger on Legal History Blog

September 24 2020: Panel on Colonial Legal Regimes in Southeast Asia, History Department, Nanyang Technological University

October 6 2020: Book Talk Yale-NUS College, Elm College

October 22 2020: Book launch at Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Past Book talks
June 11 2020: Comparative Asian Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (video)
September 26 2019: History Department, Brandeis University
September 25 2019:Joint Center for History and Economics, Harvard University

Podcast Interviews

June 2020: History of Malays in Singapore on the ‘More Better Podcast’

September 2019: Islamic Law and Arab Diaspora in Southeast Asia on Ottoman History Podcast

Past Panels

November 2 2019: Wild Rice Theater, Accurate Fictions: A Conversation Between Artists and Historians (notes)

November 3 2019: Panel on Singapore Legal History at Singapore Writers’ Festival

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