Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 schedule

September 15 2020:  Islamic Law Book Talk Series, Harvard Law School, 12-1pm EST (recording)

September 24 2020: Panel on Colonial Legal Regimes in Southeast Asia, History Department, Nanyang Technological University, 4:30-6pm

October 5 2020: Lecture at Comparative Law Workshop, Harvard Law School, 6-8 pm EST

October 6 2020: Book talk at Yale-NUS College, Elm College, 12pm SGT

October 7 2020: Panel at Middle East Studies Association Conference, 11am-1pm EST

October 12 2020: Book talk at Hong Kong University, 6-7:30pm HKT

October 15 2020: Panel at American Society of Comparative Law Conference, 6:10-7.40pm EST

October 22 2020: Book discussion at Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, 10-11:30am SGT

November 13 2020: Book talk at University of Michigan, 12-1:30pm EST

November 18 2020: Columbia Legal History Workshop

January 28 2021: Book talk at University of Victoria (British Columbia), Center of Asia-Pacific Initiatives, 4pm PDT

Blog posts on Legal History Blog as guest-blogger in September 2020

Surplus and Colonial Charity at HistPhil Blog, September 23 2020

Podcast Interviews

Forthcoming: New Books in the Indian Ocean World Podcast

June 2020: History of Malays in Singapore on the ‘More Better Podcast’

September 2019: Islamic Law and Arab Diaspora in Southeast Asia on Ottoman History Podcast