June 11 2020

3 – 4:30 pm (via Zoom) at Comparative Asian Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore

Power of Paper across the Indian Ocean

September 25 2019

4:30 pm at CGIS S030, 1730 Cambridge Street

Constructing the Index of Arabs – Colonial Imaginaries in Southeast Asia

Joint Center for History and Economics, Harvard University

A copy of the Index of Arabs can be found here.

September 26 2019

4 pm Olin Sang 207

Letters of Power Across the Indian Ocean – Religious and Trade Links in the Nineteenth Century

Brandeis University

November 2 2019

10:30 am – 12 pm, Wild Rice Theater

Accurate Fictions: A Conversation Between Artists and Historians

My notes on the panel

November 3 2019

10:30 am The Arts House, Chamber

Panel on Singapore Legal History at Singapore Writers’ Festival